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Photo Cube Link
Photo Cube Version 3.2 now available!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, happy to say I treated myself to a Galaxy Tab 7Plus, the 7" update to the original. With a wireless router thrown in, came to a very reasonable 4200HK$.

Not necessarily convinved about Honeycomb, it seems as I guessed before overly complicated, really I didnt see anything wrong with the usability of Android 2.x, it was only the UI which needed an update. Anyway, its all very smooth, and Photo Cube runs very well indeed, smooth as the proverbial silk.

However, it did throw up some issues, the thumbnails of the various settings for pictures, background and effects are not appearing, and it doesnt seem to be correctly notifying that the settings have changed, so you have to choose a picture and then change something else in order for the picture to get displayed. So more work to do there... to make sure even the existing functionality works...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spinning madly, out of control...

Well, it has been a while. So busy with my other project, but in testing that out on other phones discovered that Photo Cube still behaves strangely on with regard to the spinning when you swipe left and right.

On the Go Home Launcher and on the Galaxy S2 Touchwiz launcher, things are not quite right when you pan over the far left or far right of the available home screens, it results in the cube still going into a constant spin. On the Desire HD latest update, the cube doesn't do any extra spin at all when you pan left or right.

Turns out this is due to the way different phones interpret the wallpaper offsets and what they end up sending to the Android WallpaperEngine "onOffsetsChanged". In short, I can no longer rely on the scroll position of the current home screen to work out how much extra to spin the cube when panning left and right. HTC latest Sense 3.0 uses a carousel idea which completely ignores that, so you can't pan your wallpaper at all, you are left with a fixed background. That is frankly, stupid, but it is what it is.

So I have changed the extra horizontal spinning of the cube to be completely controlled by the user touch commands. This gives me great control, and has completely done away with occaisonal situations where the cube suddenly freaks out due to odd numbers being sent to "onOffsetsChanged", and has allowed me to control how much it spins and even give it a nice deceleration. I might even turn it into a Setting.

Other upsides, you can now definitely see the "Back" picture a lot more often, this used to be pretty hard to get to appear, because the extra rotation was linked to the home screen. Now it is controlled by the user, so the appearance of the pictures are a lot more random.

Will just do a bit more testing on my friend's S2 to make sure all is well there, then will be off to the Market!