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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Version 3.3 nearing release..

So I have been hard at work on the next version of cliMate, with a lot of minor bug fixes but several notable improvements.

First off, a brand new Stonehenge theme for the widget, which looks really dramatic and striking:

Then a new Moonset and Moonrise animation and time indicator on the main screen, which is shown instead of the sunrise and sunset animation during night time scenes:

Then a whole bunch of small fixes for things:
  • Ensuring the dates on the forecast are shown using the correct local settings, e.g. 5/26 in the US versus 26/5 in Europe
  • Fixing the layouts when the widget is stretched extremely wide
  • A range of crash fixes
  • Fixes for forecasts where the Chance of Storm condition was used instead of Thunderstorm
  • Improved animation on Thunderstorm forecast animation
  • Added the ability to hide today's date
  • Added the ability to hide the jet contrails on the Clear and Partly Cloudy conditions
I had the occasional report that the clock shown on the widget is not syncing up with the phone's actual time, but until now I have not been quite sure how to deal with it. So also trialing a new method of determining when the screen is switched on and hence when to update the clock.
A lot of testing to go, and then should aim to release maybe next week.