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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More pirates...

Work continues on the Pirate Theme... here is the scene for the Partly Cloudy Sunset weather condition:

So what's new? First off the foreground is finished, and tweaked so that the forecast animations are clearly visible in front of the table and its contents.
Then there is a brand new lantern style on the top left, and at night and sunset times it has a flickering candle, which in turns cast a flickering light on the left corner of the cabin. And of course the lantern still swings as the ship pitches and rolls.
In the sea, the pirate ship in the distance now has a smoothly animated wake, matching the white tops colour of the current sea.
I can't do a great deal more with the animations, there is already so much going on and so many layers required to create these special effects that its pushing even my trusty Samsung S5.
I may consider an island in the distance, but that was pretty hard to get looking nice at first so I temporarily abandoned it.
Anyway, still enjoying this, and probably the best looking and most dramatic widget theme yet.