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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weather Redux..

So finally happy to report I found a free weather provider,, so I have at last got the new in-development Weather Widget working and starting to iron out the bugs and make all the settings user definable. .

Here is a nice detailed shot. Note that New York is showing temperatures in Fahrenheit, Bangkok in Celsius. There are different clock types, and the time and date can be switched on and off.

Other features... on the night scene, note the drifting clouds, the correct phase of the moon, the shooting stars, the spinning windmill, and the flying birds. The bush to the right slowly waves back and forth.

On the Cloud day scene, we again have nice moving cloud layers, flying birds, a spinning windmill, bush gently waving in the breeze, and a plane towing a user defined message through the clouds.

A lot more to do to pretty up the user interface for the settings and make it foolproof, particularly the selection of weather location. Then I need to work out the correct sunrise and sunset time so that scene style can be automatically shown, and then also work out the local time zone for that location.

It just shows the current weather only, so perhaps that is enough for the first release, or maybe will need to add a forecast screen also.

Anyway, good news, happy to report it is all working well so far..