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Sunday, September 18, 2016

New cliMate Animated Weather Widget 3.8.1 bug release

A new version 3.8.1 released today, with two fixes.

  1. The Current Temperature started mysteriously disappearing as of this morning! This was due to a change in the World Weather Online service which (annoyingly) changed the way they reported the temperature with no warning whatsoever. Fixed that to use to the way now.
  2. The Use Google Play Services checkbox was not remembering the change.
Currently working on a new Demo video to show the current state, as the old video is well out of date. After that will think about new features and themes, but frankly the sales are barely covering the cost of the weather data at the moment, so not sure how long I will bother.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

cliMate 3.8 Animated Weather Widget Released!

Last night version 3.8 of cliMate Animated Weather Widget was released.

This has the long awaited new Pirate Theme, with all the usual weather conditions looking out the porthole of a pirate ships cabin onto pitching and rolling seas. Featuring:

Moving sea
Pirate ships
Swinging lantern with a candle that flickers in night and sunset scenes
Moving steering chain

Like the Town House theme, this consists of many layers of complex animation, so is a lot slower to start the main screen than the other themes, but the widget itself is just as fast and smooth as always.
So what is next?
1. First I want to redo the YouTube demo video for the widget, as it is woefully out of date, and doesn't show any of the new features or themes.
2. There is a new Android PercentageLayout technology available that should let me speed up the main screen considerably, so I will have a look at that next.
3. I want to will take another look at the idea of a 6 hour morning, afternoon, evening and night forecast for a particular day.
4. Then after that start on some new themes maybe, not sure yet which I will turn my attention to, but perhaps something that is a bit less complex than the last few, as they take so long to do. Something which is a variation of the existing Countryside theme would be a lot quicker to do, maybe with a cottage or castle in the foreground.
Other ideas for themes I have had:
  • Harry Potter style castle with flying broomsticks
  • Sherlock Holmes' study
  • Airplane porthole
  • Beach Cave
  • Isle of Skye