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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weather Widget nearing completion (again)

Well, finally getting there on the forthcoming fully animated Weather Widget, to be named cliMate Animated Weather Widget. 

Testing threw up a lot of new bugs, including several that only appeared on the Samsung S5, including a very weird timer bug where the clock wouldn't update. Fixed another new bug where it would get stuck in a loop and request a Weather update every minute, terribly inefficient. 

All fixed now, all Conditions checked and created a new How To: screen when you click the launcher icon but have no widgets yet installed, which shows an animated hand clicking and dragging the widget onto a home screen. 

Need to add the usual Email developer and Facebook options, and need to start checking Facebook again I guess...

Finally will need to make a video of it in action, as it really can look amazingly beautiful when animated, particularly the sunset scenes, the thunderstorms, snow etc. Even now, almost three years after starting it I get a kick out of seeing the clouds moving and the little birds flying, or the rainbow fading in and out during rain showers..

Made some nice Promo material already: