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Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Cube Live Wallpaper version 3.0 released!

Very happy to report that version 3.0 of Photo Cube Live Wallpaper was released yesterday.

That has the motion detection stuff I have been working for the past week or two, and a range of bug fixes for the various issues introduced during the Album mode release.

You can now shake to bounce the cube around the screen, and adjust the bouncing speed via the Settings. It has full 3d motion detection, it bounces off the sides, and also the "front" and "back" of the screen. I just added a little vibrate to the bounce event, will put that in the next version, its very cool and really makes the bounce seem real!

When in Album mode, you can shake the device a few times to trigger the picture refresh, the cube shrinks into the screen, and then zooms back out with the new pictures all ready.

Finally there is an experimental Background Depth feature, which when switched on moves the background image left and right as you tilt the phone sideway, as if the background is being shown a few cm "behind" the screen as opposed to on the screen. Its not perfect yet, but is still fun to play with.

I am off on holiday to England for a week tomorrow, so will not be working much on it, but will keep an eye out for any bug reports so I can fix any issues which arise. As much as I try, it is hard to find everything when I only have a few devices to test on.

Now I have to take a break and think about new development. Improving the Background Depth feature, maybe doing a nicer Motion Detection settings screen with live previews. And of course back to my long delayed project, the Weather Widget with top secret killer feature. :o)


  1. Samsung galaxy note

    The previous version was better. In this version, when I select custom pics, the app does not respond. If this bug is removed, this live wallpaper will be best.

  2. Hi Aditya,

    Im very surprised to hear that, as I didnt change anything about how custom pics were selected for this version. Could you elaborate a little and I will see if I can get to the bottom of it?

    When you say it doesnt respond, what exactly is happening, you click on say the Front pic button and what happens?
    Do you have the same issue for the Single picture mode or the Album mode?

    Could you try it again now and see what happens?

    Thanks! Also feel free to email me at for a faster response...

  3. Sir why is it when i am cropping the picture..i cant crop the whole of it..?

  4. I am very happy to know about this application because Photo Cube Live Wallpaper version 3.0 provide various facility to improving the wallpaper visibility and best suited for Android phones.So thanks for sharing this information.

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  5. Can I set my saved cube to lock screen too?

  6. Hi Ck

    Yes you can, assuming that your device supports Live Wallpapers in the Lock Screen. It all depends on your particular phone or Tablet.

    My Samsung S3 and previous HTC models all supported this, but not all phones do. Basically, Photo Cube will work wherever your phone lets you use a Live Wallpaper.

  7. Very nice function and very very very good cub wallpaper I like very much

  8. Very nice function and very very very good cub wallpaper I like very much

  9. Dis app is something else, is really beautiful