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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CliMate Animated Weather Widget version 3.3 released!

The new version 3.3 of cliMate is now available!


  • New Stonehenge Theme!
  • All forecast dates now correctly localized
  • Added moon rise and moon set in Main Screen night conditions
  • Added option to hide contrails
  • Added option to hide Date
  • Added choice of windspeed units
  • Improved layouts when widget resized to extreme widths
  • Bug fixes for rare crashes
  • Bug fix for countries that have multiple cities with the same name
So what's next? Already started on a Chinese Ink Painting style theme which looks promising, then I think its about time for a City theme.
Also I'm toying with the idea of an alternate forecast view on the main screen, perhaps for the next 12 hours, arranged in a clock style circle, and animated of course. You could then swipe between that detailed forecast for today, and the general forecast for the next 5 days.


  1. In the next update you can add manual selection of weather conditions such as rain and snow clear sky? I would love and other topics :) new topics desert

  2. Do you mean you want to force it to always show a particular condition? You can already do that via a secret setting, email me to find out how.. :o)