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Thursday, October 29, 2015

cliMate version 3.5 Released!

Finally the new version 3.5 of cliMate Animated Weather Widget is released!

It contains the long awaited Chinese Art theme:

This theme has an oil painting feel, so everything is a little smudged and blurry, as if an oil painting has come to life. It features a lake with drifting water lilies, mountains and a water fall, a bridge with a horse and rider running across to a temple, and a fishing boat. Cherry tree branches sway in the wind, and flower blossoms drift slowly down.
Mostly black and white with a few splashes of colour. Hope you all like it!
This version also features a new Transparent Theme, where your chosen wallpaper can be seen behind the widget.
Also the ability to hide all the widget text entirely, if you just want to see the weather pictures with no distractions.
Finally, added Hungarian and Russian languages.
Next up, as always working on new themes, but also want to add a Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening/ Night forecast on the main screen, which would look something like this:
You would then swipe between this and the usual 5 day forecast. :o) Let me know what you think.


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