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Friday, November 25, 2016

cliMate Animated Weather Widget Version 3.9 released and sad news

Today version 3.9 of cliMate was released.

This has a huge performance increase when opening the main screen, up to 30% of the previous time for the more complex scenes, and at least 70% of the previous time for the simpler scenes.

So what could take 4 or 5 seconds to open now takes 1 or 2.

However, unfortunately and somewhat ironically given the recent Pirate Ship theme, cliMate has been pirated. Because I have to pay for the World Weather Online weather data, this means that people using the pirated version are getting that weather data for free, but because I don't get any money in sales to offset the cost of that data, I am losing money.

So, I am giving up.

The existing World Weather Online data will continue to be available until March 2017, after the app will continue to work but with the less accurate Open Weather Map data only. There will be no more app development or new versions.

It is just not worth the time and effort any more, especially if I am losing money. Thanks, Pirates, you have effectively driven me out of business.

It a shame, but I have still enjoyed the development process, and do feel I created something beautiful, and may well continue to develop it privately for my family and friends.


  1. Please don't give up on this app. There's nothing else like this available, and it adds a refreshing look to a phone. I love it! There's got to be another rss weather feed to tap into without costing you money. Worldwide Weather has been somewhat glitchy anyway, maybe time for a new feed. Please keep up the exceptional work!

  2. My app is stuck on raining it won't refresh won't change to actual weather for over 2 weeks.
    What do I do

  3. You are doing an exceptional job with your app. Please don't give up! I love this app so much.

  4. Thanks, but basically it's not a valid business model. It will inevitably be pirated, so any weather data that is not free will end up with me losing money. I thought I could get it to work, but sadly not. Free data is just not accurate enough to justify a price tag.

  5. So sorry to hear this. I completely understand. Good luck in your future ventures. 😊

  6. Dear Sir,

    There as is no any such brilliant & attractive app available in the market, neither for the Android nor for iOS. As such, I request you kindly not to give up.

    If the app continues to work with the less accurate Open Weather Map data, so be it. But, atleast keep updating it for the paid customers. The app with it's dynamic animations alone worth more than any other weather app, I have come across so far. I will be sincerely grateful if you atleast continue with the updates.

    Ashish Duarah

  7. How do i become a family member or friend? I live this app and am willing to pay for the 4.0 app.

  8. Don't give up my friend, you can sell it un higher price because this app worth it. You have something unique, is impossible that u can't make money with a unique app... Just think about it. This app needs at least a future one week broadcast before it gets completed, and it's OK with the not so accurate data!!!

  9. So sorry to here that, your app is incredibly amazing, really a shame that it is so rarely known.
    Please continue to release the small updates you do for yourself and /friends.
    Every time I unlock my phone my mood gets brightened just by looking at your gorgeous weather animations.
    It even way better than the standard Samsung weather animations I used before!
    I, as a developer myself, very much know how it feels not to gain any money from hard work apps...anyways I just wish you all the best for your (personal) development ;)

  10. I can't find the app on play store, i pay for that app, i gave money and now i cant download it when i need it? Seriously? Send me this app please!!!