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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Floating Panels

Floating panels now in Photokube!

From 0-10 panels that show one of the pictures from the sides of the cube, appearing in a random position with random rotation, size and direction.

If you tap on a panel, it spirals into the screen and disappears, only to be regenerated off screen and appear again. Playing around with it gives me another idea for some sort of mini game within the wallpaper, see if you can make them all disappear within a certain time limit. 

But what would be the reward? Hmmm.

The panels look a bit jagged in the screenshot, there is no easy way to smoothly capture a moving OpenGL image from the phone, particularly when it is rotating. It appears as smooth as silk on the actual device, of course.

Bit of testing, then should update on to the market in the next day or so.
If it proves popular I might add mini cubes instead of panels.

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