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Saturday, June 25, 2011

More work on cube positioning..

Well I got it working, but there are issues.

So here we have a screenshot of the Positioning screen, which is launched from a regular Setting button in the Photokube Settings app.

When this is clicked, I close the main Settings app, and bring up this special transparent window with overlays for Title and the Checkbox at the bottom. That shows through the actual homescreen, with the existing cube wallpaper. 

Then any clicks or drags on this screen are translated appropriately and passed through to the Settings as if the user had manually made changes to the horizontal and vertical settings themselves, and the wallpaper cube in the background immediately responds.

Works a treat, as if you are dragging the cube yourself, and you can accurately position the cube to fit around or next to other widgets on the screen.

However..  whatever you happen to be looking at when you launch the Settings app will be what you see behind the transparent Positioning window. If you launch it from the homescreen, then great, you see the wallpaper, and the cube. If you launch it from anywhere else, e.g. the app tray, then you see what that as the background instead, which is not that useful.

So I ideally I need to somehow replicate what the Live Wallpaper picker does, and get an image of the real homescreen onto which I can then overlay my own cube. That is better because it shows the actual other widgets on the screen.

Failing that, I guess re-create the Photocube background and show the spinning cube in its entirety within my positioning window. Still will work ok for control, but the user wont be able to see the rest of the homescreen widgets, so will be more trial and error if they are trying to position the cube in relation to a widget, e.g. in the top right corner.

Another idea would be to launch the positioning window directly from the homescreen, via a double click or something. Then I would know it would always be visible through the transparent window... Hmmmm. That sounds like the best approach maybe..

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